Roland Hegedus was born in 1990 in Timisoara, Romania

He started to play the piano when he was 8 years old and graduated the Music Faculty at the West University from Timisoara, Romania, at Prof. Dr. Manuela Mihailescu´s class. He laid his diploma in June 2013 with highest honors. One of the person who guide Roland trough the road of music was Prof Lucia Parvanescu from ,,Ion Vidu´´ National Collage of Arts who was like a mentor to him.

During his studies, Roland Hegedus participate in various competitions for piano and chamber music , at home and abroad, winning important awards and honors.

He received musical impulses by taking part at many Master Classes: Atena Carte (Grecce), Michelangelo Carbonara(Italy), Massimiliano Valenti (Italy), Frederick Haas (Germany), Daniela Dikova (Bulgary), Rob Conway (S.U.A), Francisco Alvarez (Spain), Aleksandar Serdar (Serbia), Gabriel Amiras(Germany).

Making its debut in the Timisoara Philharmonic in June 2013 he played Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 17 in G major KV 453 with the Symphony of Timisoara City conducted by Gheorghe Costin.


August 2015, brought Roland Hegedus his first composition “Dreams” which he played in premiere at his first solo Concert in Germany on 11th September in Nürnberg.

April 2016, Roland started a beautiful colaboration with famous pianist and composer Bogdan Ota (Las Vegas), and create an orchestrated version of his song ,,Thunderstorm´´.

After almost a year of hard work and dedication, Roland Hegedus steps up in may 2016 with his first Album “Dreams” witch is also his first composition.
Two years after he decided to improve his singing abilities and he continues his career as a solo artist with big succes.
In almost one year he achieved to learn over 60 famous Songs (piano & vocals).

After his first Album ,,Dreams´´ he decided to write another, this time based on his improved singing qualities.

In present, Roland lives in Germany (Nürnberg), where he gives piano lessons, promotes his music and participate in events.